The queue is currently empty. You can have your art done pretty fast if you commission me while the queue is empty!


You can commission me by filling out my Commission Inquiry form on the Contact page. I’ll respond to you by email and we can discuss what you would like!

After we have agreed on the type and content of the commission, I will request money from you via PayPal. I will only begin working once I am paid in full. I will give you an estimated date of completion that is based on the commission type, details, and your position in the queue.

Pricing Guide

Fullbody Commission example

Full Body (CLOSED)

A fully colored and shaded illustration that shows the character(s) from head to toe on a transparent backdrop. Full Body starts at $60 USD per character, but the price may higher depending on the complexity, size, and detail level of the character(s). This type of commission requires the buyer’s approval at the sketch phase.

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Portrait Commission example


A fully colored and shaded illustration that shows a character from approximately the waist up. The character is positioned inside a frame, which houses a background. Portrait starts at $45 USD per portrait, but the price may higher depending on the complexity, size, and detail level of the character(s). This type of commission requires the buyer’s approval at the sketch phase.

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Clean Sketch example

Clean Sketch (CLOSED)

Clean Sketch is a flat $15 USD per character. As of June 2016, Clean Sketches are fully digital colored sketches with a lighter-colored fill. There is no approval phase offered on Clean Sketch due to their low price and relatively fast turnaround.

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Other (CLOSED)

Other types of art are available by commission. To inquire about commissioning a different type of art than what’s listed here, either fill out the Commission Inquiry form or head over to the Contact page and email Meg James directly. See Other examples

Terms of Service

Will draw:

  • Humanoids, anthros/furries, ferals/animals, monsters
  • Any genders, any body types
  • Any age (in an age-appropriate context)
  • OCs
  • Fan characters (such as MMO toons, gemsonas, fantrolls, etc)

Might draw (depending on context):

  • Some blood/injury
  • Butt cheeks, breasts

Won’t draw:

  • Porn or genitals
  • Fetishes or fetishized content
  • Hateful/offensive content
  • Excessive blood or gore
  • Body fluids
  • Fan art of licensed characters

Artist’s rights

  • Meg James may change the prices of commissions whenever they see fit. If commission prices are changed, commissions currently paid for, in the queue, or in negotiation at the time of the change will still be completed at the previous price. Price changes only apply to commission inquiries sent after the change.
  • Meg James may decline a commission for any reason.
  • Meg James may upload a commission to or associated social media. If you would prefer that a commission not be placed on a given site, please specify that when you send your inquiry.

Buyer’s rights

  • The buyer may use or display a purchased commission for any personal (non-commercial) purpose.
  • The buyer may withdraw or change a commission request as long as it has not been paid yet (NOTE: changing the commission request may change the price).
  • The buyer may cancel a commission once it is paid. A partial refund may be issued if the commission is not complete or nearly complete. If the commission has been started, the buyer may request a PNG image of the unfinished work.
  • The buyer will always receive a web-sized unwatermarked version of the commission. A full-resolution version will be available at no extra charge upon request.
  • The buyer can request works in progress or status updates as often as desired, but excessive WIP requests may slow the process.


  • Meg James can currently only accept PayPal.
  • After your commission is discussed and agreed upon, a money request will be sent via PayPal. Please do not send payment to Meg James before receiving the payment request.
  • The commission will be added to the queue once it is discussed and agreed upon, but work will not begin until the buyer pays in full.
  • Meg James will not be able to issue a full refund if a commission is canceled after being paid. A partial refund may be possible, depending on the amount of work complete. If the commission is complete or nearly complete, no refund will be possible.
  • If the buyer changes the commission request after work on it has begun, an extra payment may be required depending on the change and the amount of work completed. This extra charge will be requested in the manner described above, and work will continue on the commission once that amount is paid.
  • If, after paying, the buyer wishes to significantly change the commission type (for example, from a full-body image to a portrait), the initial commission may be canceled (and possibly issued a partial refund, depending on the amount of work completed). Following the initial commission’s cancellation, payment will be requested for the new commission.

Reference images and artistic liberty

  • Picture references for characters are preferred. An additional fee may be charged if only a description is provided.
  • Ensure that the references provided are as complete as possible. If there are character details that are different between provided references, unclear, and/or unexplained, Meg James may take artistic license with such details.
  • The buyer may request certain preferences for a commission, such as the character’s pose, background (on portraits, for example), or color (like for clean sketches, which are typically single-color). Any information that is left unclear will be up to Meg James’ interpretation. Please use plain, clear, specific language when describing preferences like these.


  • If the buyer chooses to commission art of another person’s OC or fan character, it will be assumed that the buyer has that person’s permission.
  • An estimated date of completion will be provided for all commissions, based on the type and complexity of the commission. It may be modified based on the timeliness of communication and other factors. If a commission will be delayed due to circumstances outside the buyer’s control, the buyer will be notified and offered a refund if the buyer does not want to wait longer.