Here comes trouble...

Here comes trouble...

Here comes trouble...

by Meg James

These are a couple of dragons (in their humanoid forms, obviously) who occupy adjacent territories, and one of the few known cases of members of this species collaborating with each other - the species is usually extremely territorial. They are called "Rumble" and "Spitter" by travelers, due to their tactics of one summoning the other with a deep roar, and the other breathing fire on everything. There is some debate over which is which, since they alternate these roles depending on whose territory is invaded. Nobody knows what names they have for themselves, if they have their own names at all. It is easy to accidentally invade their territories - the buffer zone between their lands is a narrow and treacherous road. If you stumble off that road, even only a little, they'll know!


Medium: Photoshop

Time: unknown time

Date: April 27, 2015

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