by Meg James

Augurs are a humanoid species who are entirely unskilled in most forms of magic, but are excellent at stuff like divination and anything to do with dead, undead, dreams, soul and mind, reincarnation, time, and other mysterious subjects. They don't all really do the same thing; each individual tends to specialize. Despite their appearances, they are incredibly technological and their magic requires specific methods, tools, procedures, and occasionally safety equipment. However, most of their gear is made from plant and animal matter rather than metals or synthetic resources, since past research has found that Augur magic is slightly more efficient when channeled through materials that are living or were once living. The more you know! They do not believe in faith of any kind, in a religious sense. Everything, even the gods themselves, are up for analysis and may require further research.


Medium: Photoshop

Time: unknown time

Date: August 26, 2014

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